Research Highlights
                          Technology Transfer
                          “4 Tech” Income of GDAS in 2019 Ranks 4th among Public R&D Institutions in China
                          On April 14th, the China Technology Commercialization Annual Report 2020 (Universities and Research Institutes) was officially published and distributed cross country. The report, under the guidance of the Department of Research Commercialization and Regional Innovation, Ministry of Science and Technology, was written by the China Society of Science & Technology Evaluation and Achievement Management, the National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation, and the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China.
                          Artificial cultivation and production technology for Chinese cordyceps
                           Institute of Zoology, GDAS   Case name: Artificial cultivation and production technology for Chinese cordyceps
                          Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intelligent control technology and system
                          Name: Typical case of " Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intelligent control technology and system" achievement transformation.
                          GDAS Tech Match-making at Park Series — Shenzhen
                          On November 26th, the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair 2019 Tech Match-making & GDAS Tech Match-making at Parks series — Shenzhen Biomedicine Innovations Industrial Park was held. The event was initiated by GDAS, and co-organized by the Service Center for Enterprise Innovation of China Association for Science and Technology, Shenzhen Shenfubao Group, and Guangzhou Gaohang Science and Technology Commercialization Co., Ltd.
                          GDAS Hosts 2020 Guangdong High-level Talents Program Roadshow — New Energy and New Materials Session
                          On August 28th, the fourth session of Guangdong High-Level Talent Project Roadshow — New Energy and New Materials Session was held at GDAS. The event was hosted by the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province and organized by GDAS and the Wushan Doctors Alliance,
                          “4 Tech” Income of GDAS in 2018 Ranks 7th among Public R&D Institutions in China
                          On May 13th, the China Technology Commercialization Annual Report 2019 (Universities and Research Institutes) was officially published and distributed cross country. The report, under the guidance of the Department of Research Commercialization and Regional Innovation, Ministry of Science and Technology, was written by the China Society of Science & Technology Evaluation and Achievement Management, the National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation, and the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China.
                          GDAS attends the 1st Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Agricultural Sci-Tech Trade & Financing Fair
                          On December 12th, 8 agricultural research institutes of GDAS participated in the 1st Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Agricultural Sci-Tech Trade & Financing Fair with 58 exhibits from 21 projects. GDAS Vice President ZHOU Zhouyu attended the launching ceremony; and, YE Zhenqin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and other government officials to visited the GDAS pavilion.
                          GDAS Visits Hainan Sugarcane Breeding Field
                          On October 10th, a GDAS delegation visited Hainan Sugarcane Breeding Field of GDAS Institute of Bioengineering; the group members included LIAO Bing, President of GDAS, ZHOU Chenghu, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and LIU Jianyao, Co-chairman at Beijing Sysware Technology Co. They stressed the necessity to carefully study and implement the important directives and guiding principles put forward by General Secretary XI Jinping during his inspection at the National Breeding & Multiplication Base (Hainan). Efforts should also be made to strengthen top-level design, determine positioning targets, and integrate resources of benefit, so as to help the base rise to the first-class level in China.
                          Team of GDAS Institute of Semiconductors awarded Gold Prize for Integrated Innovation
                          On November 21th, the China Innovation Challenge (Guangdong) and the 2nd “Maker Bay Area” Zhongshan Torch Challenge of Tech Match-making were held in Zhongshan city. A research team in optical design led by Dr. XU Yiqin with GDAS Institute of Semiconductors participated in the competition and won the Gold Prize for Integrated Innovation.
                          GDAS Hosts Symposium on Cold Spraying and Its Application in Additive Manufacturing
                          From November 12th to 14th, the Symposium on Cold Spraying and Its Application in Additive Manufacturing was held in Guangzhou. The event was initiated by GDAS together with China Mechanical Engineering Society Surface Engineering Branch, and organized by GDAS Institute of New Materials, National Engineering Laboratory for Materials Surface Engineering Technology, State Key Laboratory of Metal Material Strength of Xi’an Jiaotong University among others. The symposium was attended by over 150 scholars and experts in the area of cold spraying at home and abroad, including academician ZHOU Kesong. GDAS Vice President LIU Min attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcoming speech.
                          Communication and Cooperation
                          Belarusian Consulate General Guangzhou and Great Stone visit GDAS
                          On November 10th, a delegation led by Andrei Popov, Consul General at the Consulate General of Belarus in Guangzhou and YAN Gang, General Manager of Great Stone China-Belarus Industrial Park Co., Ltd. visited GDAS. GDAS Vice President LI Dingqiang welcomed the group. The two sides have exchanged ideas on the development of the newly-established China-Belarus Industrial Technology Innovation Center (CBITIC) and opportunities for collaboration.
                          GDAS Institute of Semiconductors Hosts 7th Cross-strait WBGS Seminar
                           From October 22nd to 23rd, GDAS Institute of Semiconductors, as the backup institution for Professional Committe of Wide-bandgap Semiconductors, Nonferrous Metals Society of China, hosted the 7th Cross-strait Wide Bandgap (WBGS) Seminar in Guiyang with the guidance of GDAS. The event was held both online and offline with sessions in Guiyang and Taipei, bringing together over 40 experts and scholars from well-known universities and institutes in the field, including Prof. ZHENG Youliao, academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Vice Secretary General of the Nonferrous Metals Society of China (NFsoc) GAO Huanzhi attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.
                          The Launch of China-Ukraine Joint Laboratory of Material Joining and Advanced Manufacturing
                           On September 24, The China-Ukraine Belt and Road Material Joining and Advanced Manufacturing Joint Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as the Joint Laboratory) was officially launched. At the same time, Forum on Challenges and Opportunities of International Technology Cooperation in the Post-pandemic Era was held by the China-Ukraine Institute of Welding of GDAS and the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Welding and Joining of Harbin Institute of Technology, during the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (CIEF).
                          GDAS Holdings, GDAS Institute of Bioengineering and Sunwah Technology signs Framework Agreement for Strategic Cooperation
                           On June 13th, GDAS Holdings Co., Ltd., GDAS Institute of Bioengineering and Sunwah Technology Group signed a framework agreement for strategic cooperation in Guangzhou, looking to foster practical collaboration for collaborative innovation in frontier and key technologies, construction of platforms for agricultural biology and “the great health”, evaluation, certification, inspection & testing, construction of unions for higher education innovation, and finance for science and technology.
                          Prof. LI Liying of GDAS Institute of Zoology Receives Certificate of Distinction by ICE Council
                          Recently, the Council for International Congresses of Entomology (ICE Council) has announced in Finland the selection of three female scientists to be awarded the 2020 Certificates of Distinction for Outstanding Achievements. Among them is Prof. LI Liying, a research fellow at GDAS Institute of Zoology, who is the second Chinese scientist to earn the honor since the establishment of the awards in 1996.
                          GDAS and Sunwah Group signs Framework Agreement for Strategic Cooperation
                           On December 16th, GDAS and Sunwah Group (Hong Kong) signed a framework agreement for strategic cooperation in Guangzhou, looking to foster all-round and multi-field cooperation in technology and innovation, so as to promote the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Center of Technology and Innovation and the Guangdong-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Technology and Innovation Corridor.
                          Academician Lyakhov from the RAS visits GDAS
                          On December 24th, a delegation led by Prof. Nikolai Z. Lyakhov, member of International Mechanochemical Association (IMA) and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), visited GDAS and met with LI Dingqiang, Vice President of GDAS.
                          GDAS Accelerates the Construction of Joint Technology Center with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
                           From December 10th to 12th, a delegation led by vice president of GDAS LI Dingqiang visited the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) and Great Stone Industrial Park. GDAS and NASB further implemented the cooperation regarding to the construction of the Joint Technology Center in the Great Stone.
                          International Forum on Nanfan Modern Breeding held by GDAS
                          From December 9th to 12th, “Yazhou Forum: 2019 International Forum on Nanfan Modern Breeding” was organized in Sanya by GDAS. LIAO Bing, president of GDAS, ZHOU Zhouyu, vice president of GDAS, DAI Jingwei, academician of China Academy of Engineering and professor at China Agricultural University, JIA Zhiren, chairman of China Sugar Association, FENG Tong, deputy director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province, MENG Lin, CEO of Sun Wah Technology Group and invited guests attended the forum.
                          GDAS Visits Hong Kong for Technological Corporation
                          On December 3rd, LIAO Bing, president of GDAS, led a delegation to the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), the Hong Kong Science Park and the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences to discuss about technological cooperation in contributing to the construction of the International Science and Technology Innovation Center in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
                          LIAO Bing Attends the 2019 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Academician Summit and Delivered a Keynote Speech on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit
                          On November 28th, the 2019 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Academician Summit and the Fifth Guangdong Academician Summit with the theme of "Intelligent Leadership in the New Era, Wisdom in the Greater Bay Area" opened in Dongguan. LIAO Bing, president of GDAS, was invited to the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech.
                          Prof. Tobias?Melz from Fraunhofer Alliance Adaptronics visits GDAS
                          On November 21st, Prof. Tobias Melz, Chairman of Fraunhofer Alliance Adaptronics visited GDAS and met with LI Dingqiang, Vice President of GDAS.
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