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Silver 925 necklaces, gold plated necklaces, cord and chain necklaces, rosary necklace. Silver Necklace with engraved name. Several models to be personalized with the message of your choice.

Many cord necklaces models are designed to be worn necklace OR bracelet. Length adjustment is ensured by sliding knots, most cord necklaces are mounted with a silver or gold plated magnetic clasp.

The engraving on medals and pendants in gold-plated is achieved with diamond tool. The silver jewelry can be engraved using a technique of deep engraving with blackened text.

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(EN)Bracelet & Collier Madone | (EN)Bracelet & Collier Saint-Christophe | (EN)Collier choker chaîne double Croix | (EN)Collier choker chaîne Plume & Main de... | (EN)Sautoir Madone | 925 silver chain and balls necklace | 925 silver Horn and turquoise Necklace... | Anatomical bomb ring long necklace | Arrow Rosary necklace | Big Wolf head pendant on chain | Bracelet Clover Necklace | Bracelet Necklace 2 Stars | bracelet necklace Buddha head | Bracelet Necklace charms hearts | Bracelet Necklace hearts burn | Bracelet Necklace Round Star medal engraving | Bracelet Necklace round target 15mm to... | Bracelet Necklace round target to engrave... | Bracelet star necklace personalized... | Buddha head pendant on silver chain | Buddha Necklace | Buffalo Head & Feather Necklace on Chain | Buffalo head necklace on chain | Bull head on metallic cord necklace | Bull skull bracelet necklace cord Silk | Cactus necklace on chain | Cauris Necklace | ceramic bracelet clover necklace on satin... | Chain round target necklace | Comma Horn Necklace, Miyuki Beads and... | Corcovado Necklace | Cross & Crystal Necklace | Cross oval medal necklace | Cross ring & Clover necklace | Curved plate necklace on chain | Custom Constellation Zodiac Necklace... | custom necklace engraving plate | Custom Necklace Round Medal Angel to engrave | Custom Necklace Round Medal Cross To Engrave | Customized Bracelet with round medals | Cut Target Necklace Bracelet Stars | Diamond & Silver chain necklace in 925... | Dream Catcher necklace on silver chain | Drop Necklace to customize | Druzy necklace | Eagle Chain Necklace | Faceted Gemstone necklace | Faceted Oval Bracelet | Feather & Crystal Necklace | Feathers ring necklace | Gemstone or Nacre Buddha necklace on cord... | gold plated bowls chain necklace | Half-moon horn cord necklace | Half-moon Horn necklace | Hammered Drop Necklace | Hammered Target Medal on cord Bracelet | heart necklace bracelet engraved "JTM" | Long Necklace characters girl & boy... | Long necklace I love you a little, a lot,... | Long necklace Indian headdress on leather... | Madonna & Swarovski crystal beads on cord... | Madonna rosary necklace on bowls-chain | Magic Wand Necklace, Miyuki Beads and... | Message medal necklace | mini pendant necklace in silver or gold... | necklace 2 medals to customize Mother &... | Necklace 2 round medals to personalize | necklace beads miyuki & Tube chopped | Necklace Bracelet hammered Cross on lamé cord | necklace Crystal Bracelet | necklace necklace 2 Stars silver & gold... | necklace necklace two silver stars and... | Pendant Bracelet Custom Characters | Personalized Characters Bracelet | Personalized engraving Star necklace... | Personalized Heart Target Necklace... | personalized necklace bracelet round medal... | Personalized Necklace medal Feet footprints | Personalized necklace round medal... | Personalized sequin necklace... | Personalized Star pendant necklace to... | Ring long necklace | Rosary Angel | Rosary Cross | Rosary Feather on silver chain 925 | Rosary Gun | Round holowed heart target on chain | Shark tooth necklace | Shooting Star & Crystal Necklace | silver heart necklace engraved "JTM" | Skull Bracelet Necklace silver or vermeil | Small Wolf head pendant on chain | Star & Crystal Necklace | Star necklace bracelet & crystal beads on... | Star necklace bracelet & crystal beads on... | Sterling silver 925 and crystal chain... | Swarovski crystal clover necklace & beads... | Swarovski Crystal Necklace Bracelet | Swarovski crystal Silver necklace 925/1000 | Tree Tree Life Necklace | wrap bracelet freshwater pearls on leather... |